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You are watching the Puppy Cam from the Warrior Canine Connection (WCC) Puppy Enrichment Center!

It is here that Wounded Warriors and WCC staff and volunteers give WCC’s Golden and Labrador Retriever puppies the early nurturing and training they need to develop into life-changing service dog partners of combat Veterans with disabilities.

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She is the founding co-Artistic Director of two theatres in NYC – Camilla’s Theatre and Manhattan Theatre Source.

As a filmmaker, she has produced two feature films and numerous shorts and corporate industrials.

About the puppies on puppy cam Bred as a working dog and as a human companion, the Labrador is the most popular dog breed in North America. John’s Dog , after the capital of Newfoundland in Canada.

There, the puppies were raised as working dogs and as assistants to the fisherman.

Because Labradors were bred as working dogs, puppies must be trained to be obedient so as to avoid bad behavior.

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