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However, that new constitution lasted little more than a decade.In the late 1990s there was widespread support in Montenegro for independence, though the EU and the United States voiced disapproval.Starting from the acknowledgment that these two former death camps are presently inhabited and used, that they are places upon which the lives of many depend, we argued that it is a necessity for each of these sites to develop a project of commemoration that would remain responsive to the demands of ongoing life.

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Around 1810 he had produced his first globe, and by 1818 he and his sons had established an "artificial globe manufactory" in Albany, New York, where they produced globes of three-inch, nine-inch, and thirteen-inch diameters.

In 1827 he brought his globes down to Washington, D. On his business card he wrote that he was "now exhibiting for public inspection at the United States Library of Congress" a pair of thirteen-inch globes, and claimed he was "the original manufacturer of Globes in this country, and has brought the art to such a degree of perfection, as to supersede altogether the necessity of importation of that article from abroad."The two smaller globes shown here are an undated pair of three-inch terrestrial and celestial globes probably published in the 1820s.

Three TFF Associates - Johan Galtung, Jan Oberg and the late Hakan Wiberg - spent more than 125 "joint" years visiting, working in and analyzing the region with all its complexities.

Altogether, they had published 2,000-3,000 pages in the form of debate articles, columns, book chapters and anthologies.

The Serbian republican government lost direct control over the autonomous provinces of Kosovo and the Vojvodina in 1968, when they were placed under federal authority.

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