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Its components include folic acid, recommended for women, to prevent infant deformities.

Each year, workshops are organized and directed towards adolescents and youth, as well as their teachers and parents, at educational and sport institutions.

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condoms in 1998 and revolutionized condom marketing in Paraguay by introducing them in non-traditional channels and, for the first time, using mass media advertising and promoting health by peer educators through “face to face” workshops at schools and producing TV and radio shows .

Since then, almost 40 million sales are above target and, in an agreement with the Ministry of Health and CAFAPAR (Paraguayan Pharmacies Network), thousands of health providers and pharmacists have been trained with information on was launched in November 2000, and is leading the market with 28% of the market share growing steadily from 2012 to 2015 but realized sharp sales declines in 2016; steadying again in 2017.

Citizens of the following countries may be granted a 90-day visa on arrival if arriving at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport only.

They must pay a reciprocity fee when entering Paraguay. Otherwise, the visa must be obtained prior to arrival.

These workshops focus on sexual and reproductive health education, including issues such as sexual violence, gender based violence, discrimination based on sexual identity or orientation, family planning, and sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.

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