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(ooooooh) Uhh, ha ha (uh, uh, listen) Y'all know what this is! D.)] We used to ditch school and head straight up to the mall (mall) Just so we could be the first ones with 'em on (c'mon) Returned to school by lunchtime like, "Nigga what now? " You better look down cause uhh, I know you see 'em (say what? ) I know you see 'em I paid - a thousand for the jeans, I paid 200 for the shoes And uhh, fuck a shirt, I'mma rock these tattoos (and uh) You see my fitted mayne, I represent the crib Cause even at the crib, I represent the crib I, might pop my grill in - and I, might let my chain hang And I, might wrap my wrist dang (go on derrty do the damn thang) I get 'em free (say what) but I pay And if I want I rock a different year of J's e'ry day (uhh) A different style, different color is a must But uhh, it's all good until I get my first scuff and I'm like [Hook: Nelly] Hell naw, ain't no way (what's wrong? ) Stepped on my J's, he done stepped on my J's These just came out! D.)] I got the Retro 1's, uhh (Then I bought the) 2's (and the) 3's (and the) 4's (uhh) I had to order these, you can't find them in the store (nope) Called up my stylist like, "Shorty send more" And if you would please send 'em to me out on tour (Uh-uh, uh-uh) They be here in a minute mayne See I got that connect where I can damn near get like anythang Plus all my hoes on 'em, then I'mma stroll on 'em I call my hook-up at the store like "Put a hold on 'em" Them Carolina number 9's matchin patent leather wristbands Patent leather number 11's, we call 'em Space Jams You in my space man, I'mma make you jump man I'll make you jump, the jump, the jump jump man See on my weekends, my J's play a part I'm rockin these to the club and these to the park I'm puttin these on now and these here tomorrow A spare off in my car, just in case I catch a scar [Hook] .He done stepped on my J's (uhh) Hell naw, ain't no way (what's wrong? ) Stepped on my J's, he done stepped on my J's I can't believe this shit! Its central theme is the importance of his Air Jordan’s (a.k.a.

This is the second time Ciara has worked with Jermaine Dupri, the first time working on the single "Like You" with Bow Wow.

The song was originally to be the official second single, but was changed to the third single due to the single "Body on Me" charting too early, so the label changed its mind at the very last minute.

At the BET Awards 2008, Ashanti announced that instead of them collaborating with the same single, she went her way with a different single for her album, and Nelly finally decided to make "J'z" the official second single once again.

It was also said to have been a much better decision because this single would lend more of a hand in promoting more album sales, being that the single was more radio-friendly and had more chart-topping potential.

"Hot in Herre" is a song by American rapper Nelly from his second studio album Nellyville (2002).

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