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Here’s the idiot’s guide to consent for any confused guys that are still out there: We can still stop you in the middle of sex.Even if we let you into our bedroom, get undressed, and climb on top of you, we can still change our mind.You could also destroy her levels of purity due to the negative influence of Western women.

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Idiot guide to dating

Consent for one thing doesn’t mean consent for everything.

If we give you permission to go down on us, it doesn’t mean we’re giving you permission to perform butt sex. It doesn’t matter if a high school girl is begging for you to bang her.

Instead of lowering standards and dating men who are clearly unworthy or worse, sharing a part of a supposed decent man with another Sister, we should start embracing our uppity.

I mean, we’ve tried everything else, like throwing our pride to the side–at this point what do we have to lose by celebrating ourselves FIRST?

They are fiery, sexy, petite, feminine, varied, and sweet if you find the right one.

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