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Steve Tom: This brutal action by the Syrian government on its own citizens...

Steve Tom: Most recently, reports came in that a chemical weapons attack by the Assad Steve Tom: government, killed nearly fourteen hundred Syrian civilians.

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Steve Tom: ...creating pockets of resistance around the country, and brought the battle to the nation's capital, Damascus.

Steve Tom: ...using their extensive security and still existent Russian military support, Steve Tom: to maintain tight control. Steve Tom: A loose coalition of Sunni-Islamist insurgents rose up against the Assad regime...

P&C — Private and Confidential PITA — Pain in the A**REHI — Hi, again RUOK — Are You OK?

QQ — Crying (often humorously)SFSG — So Far So Good SLT — Something Like That SOL — Sh** Out of Luck SUP — What’s up? 4Q — F*** You VCDA — Vaya Con Dios, Amigo VSF — Very Sad Face WDYM — What Do You Mean?

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