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Robert confirmed this fact via a bulletin to his friends on My Space.

Also, a casting notice has gone out for principle casting in the DC/Baltimore area, so maybe they will find the next Jenna.

The photog had some particularly choice words for Ms. He wrote: How many break-ups is it going to take for you girls to realize that Taylor Swift isn’t a good role model unless your dream in life is to die alone?

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Here is more than you ever wanted to know about Robert Hoffman

I feel that they have found a suitable replacement for Channing, so I’m cool with the Step Up sequel casting choices so far.

The only redeeming quality of any boy band these days is betting on which one is going to date Taylor Swift, and as a result, come out of the closet 2 months later. Still, we take this blog post with a grain of salt.

Hoffman could have been using the “come out of the closet 2 months later,” phrase to prove his point or really drive home his hatred for Taylor. Jonas has had public relationships with countless music stars, models and actresses in the past.

Fire up those VCRs, rewind your VHS tape and make sure you're not recording over anything important like the birth of a sibling because the 2015 MTV Movie Awards are this Sunday!

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