Dating furniture by casters

by  |  27-Oct-2019 17:15

As the years go by, we have become more confident in the validity of what we offer and we would like to reiterate the motivations that have shaped Whitechapel Ltd. They have in common the creation of objects, whether they be jewlery boxes or houses, and aware of it or not, they make a choice from the very beginning of every project that determines the fate of their work and start iton one of two journeys.

Either it will grow in beauty and character with time under the gradual in uence of both wear and care, or it will look its best the day it is finished and then deteriorate from that day forward.

In our time, we are lucky to have the combined output of many generations of craftsmanship and design to add richness to our lives.

Offset cabinet hinges mount to the cabinet door frame and surface of the cabinet door, and are used when cabinet doors project out from the surface of the frame.

Made of figurative mahogany with extensive reeding, this table has two gates supported by tapered columnar posts and splayed legs with brass paw feet and casters. Height 28 1/2″; 56 1/2″ X 14 3/4″ closed;; 56 1/2″ X 66 5/8″ open;.

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