Can jews dating non jews

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We also want to show the diversity of the Jewish people the rich and the poor, the famous and unknowns...

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Several existing restrictions remain in place: Conservative rabbis are still prohibited from officiating at, or attending, the wedding ceremonies of interfaith couples, and non-Jews are barred from receiving an aliyah (being called to the Torah) and from leading prayers.

While the ruling itself was unprecedented, so was the reaction.

The most recent evidence of this came on March 1 when the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ)’s General Assembly, in a historic move and by an overwhelming majority of 94 to 8 and one abstention, voted to pass a non-binding resolution allowing individual congregations to decide to grant membership to non-Jews.

The USCJ stressed that the resolution is meant as a way to bridge the gap between ancient laws and modern social changes.

Unlike me, she hadn’t dreamed of meeting someone Jewish and having a Jewish wedding.

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