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I decided to combine my passion & talent (photography & running a business) with my life experiences & knowledge (online dating) & Hey Saturday was created.

We work with hundreds of awesome single people helping them to create a stand out set of portrait photos for their dating profiles enabling them to get out there & reclaim their dating life. We are an awesome combination of creativity, technical mastery & admin nerdery and together we make a fantastic team.

There’s also been another significant transition: the trip to Cuba was a present from her husband and creative partner Cameron Mc Vey to celebrate her 50th birthday.

Neneh Cherry is wearing a pair of brown cowboy boots and black fishnet tights with a denim miniskirt and loose black mohair V-neck jumper.

Wavy black shoulder-length hair and big silver hoop earrings frame an open and serenely pretty face.

‘But I think I’ll just pick it up and go.’ Sleep deprivation, check-in queues and wardrobe issues notwithstanding, Cherry is in fine form.

In February, she released , her first solo album for 18 years, and a new single, ‘Out of the Black’, which features fellow Swede and pop sensation Robyn, is just out.

Cherry's parents, Moki and Don Cherry, bought and converted an old schoolhouse in the countryside outside the small town of Hässleholm in Sweden in 1970.

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