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While no longer Orthodox, she is still active in Jewish life, including an LGBT Jewish group in Montreal called JQueer.

But it can be difficult navigating the disparate worlds of her various identities.

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The film critically engages the phrase “no fats, no femmes,” which is popularly used on queer social networking/dating sites to describe one’s dating preferences, through the personal narrative(s) of 5 Black and Brown gender-non-conforming, queer, trans, fat, femme, and disabled people.

Radical Joy & Politicized Art (a conversation with Stacey Ann Chin)Friday, April 14th | - pm Churchill House Baspas, 155 Angell St.

Join writer, speaker and activist Tiq Milan as he talks about his experience as a Black trans man navigating masculinity with intentionality.

In a society where gender roles often lead to toxic masculinity, Milan discusses being a “man of his own design” where he re-constructs masculinity from a feminist perspective.

I touch on these issues in “Lesbians and Queer Culture” and in this video, “The Collapse Of The Lesbian Community & Why You Should Resist It,” ‬ that covers the cotton ceiling mentally, the poor quality of women’s websites, and how the insistence of inclusivity has actually become oppressive.

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