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I have to act dumber and I can't even think of some things because I am afraid of how people will react to this intellect. 7/11, Arguing, and Arthur: Like Comment Share Men who think they are always right 3.7K Top Comments* 132,316 shares 16K Comments aha yep I know a few of them.

Some people decide immediately that they aren’t attracted to their date, but then they change their minds after talking to them for a while.

Don’t make a decision about your date until you’ve spent at least 15 minutes with them.

I interned for Liz last summer and a month after it endedshe hired me as her assistant.

I worked on Season 1 of the web series Dating Rules From My Future Self (Note from Jesse: Click here to watch all of Dating Rules on Hulu! Both the internship and that first job empowered me with vital workexperience and confidence.

Let go of the self-defeating thoughts that hold you back, and focus on the things that you like about yourself.

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