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So I said, why don’t you just make a statement that we’re friends and we love each other. I was going to the Roxy, can't come out more than that. We also have great guest stars this season - Joan Collins, Florence Henderson, Robert Wagner, and Cyndi Lauper, who just shot an episode. it takes a while for a series to get its groove going, and now this season is really out there. Back to your relationship with Fran, what went on through your mind before you came out?

Instead, they put out the story as 'Fran Drescher outs her husband,' which was not true. I didn’t want her to think that I didn’t ever love her.

That wasn’t the case, I was born in the '50s and I didn’t even know what gay was.

In my neighborhood, everyone got married at 20 years old and that was it, there was no choice; that was what you did.

The problem is: Peter is totally guilty of breaking Patti’s #1 rule for dating and finding real love – Never mention the ex!

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