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Pakistan escorts are a most common feature of the adult entertainment industry in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

These three prominent states of Pakistan have the most beautiful escort girls from all over Pakistan, because the demand in these three states is particularly high because of some reasons that will be discussed later on.

Under English criminal law, a brothel is commonly referred to as a disorderly house.

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A brothel is a place where people may come to engage in sexual activity with a prostitute. The word "bord" was firstly transformed by the French to "borde", then quickly became "bordel".

Technically, any place where prostitution commonly takes place is a brothel, but in places where prostitution or the operation of brothels is illegal, establishments may attempt to disguise their involvement in prostitution by referring to their business as something else, such as a massage parlor, a bar, or a strip club. Brothels are known under a variety of names, including bordello, cathouse, knocking shop, whorehouse, strumpet house, sporting house, house of ill repute, house of ill fame, house of prostitution, and pleasure house.

This is not because of the poverty or economical crisis that Pakistan is facing today but because the of the beauty it has today.

The Pakistani escort girls are famous for being the most beautiful of all Asian escorts in this world and that’s why due to their huge demand the beautiful girls in Pakistan choose the escort industry as their career.

Pakistan has made significant contribution to the escort scene in the world.

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