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Pricing shown with /mo./line Auto Pay discount applied w/in 2 inv. Data deprioritization applies during times of congestion. Mobile Hotspot data: 10GB of 4G LTE, VPN and P2P access with unlimited data at up to 2G speeds thereafter.Pricing shown with /mo/line Auto Pay discount applied within 2 invoices. Accts without an active handset will incur additional /mo/line charge.You already know all about those (in case you don’t, stop everything and read this book by Cialdini).

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If you've ever had a frustrating experience with an Amazon chat support worker you'll sympathize with Chris Williams. YOU SUGGEST I DELETE MY EMAIL (HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HELP?

He was worried that someone named "Brittni" was "phishing" his email address — that is, trying to reverse engineer his identity from his email for the purposes of fraud. I got mis information in here.let me handle this for you..

And with so much personal data, if you take privacy and security of Whats App for granted then its jackpot for wicked minds.

We share photos, videos, bank account details, contacts and what not on Whats App.

So Williams contacted Amazon's customer support team through its live chat function, to ask Amazon to block an email address that appeared to be associated with his real address. I got mis information in here.let me handle this for you.. Me:can you delete the account "ct.willi [email protected]" or not? farah:one moment please let me check it further for you.. NOT SURE WHAT YOUR DEFINITION OF A MOMENT IS BUT THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME AND YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

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