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Quitclaim, 1325 (Ne D 2002), with detail below Transcript: The first stage in the process is to find the date of the religious feast day in question.

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Reference to a list of saints' days indicates that the feast of the Ascension falls on 'The Thursday following Rogation Sunday'.

Rogation Sunday is the 5th Sunday after Easter Day.

Between the 13th and 15th centuries it was very common for documents to be dated by reference to the day of the week and to a nearby religious feast date.

Thus a document might be dated 'The Wednesday before the feast of St Peter and St Paul 5 Henry VII'.

Sure you tell yourself, “it’s not like were married already, right? Dating someone of a different religious or philosophical background may be easy only at the beginning stages of the relationship when the question of the future is not yet put on the table.

Dating religious

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