Kaki king dating tegan and sara

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The Con X: Tour will kick off on October 20 at Balboa Theatre in San Diego, CAand include shows at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles (October 23), Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, NY (November 8) and Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX (November 15). A portion of tour proceeds will benefit the Tegan and Sara Foundation, which fights for economic justice, health and representation of LGBTQ girls and women.Tegan and Sara will be playing a mix of headline shows and festivals this summer.“Knife Going In” features guitarist and composer Kaki King playing lap steel guitar.

Though we all live in the real world, there’s no way we can ever silence the noise, chatter, and obsessions that provide a constant soundtrack to our everyday life.

On their fifth album THE CON, the 26-year old Canadian twins use an intricately varied sonic backdrop (provided by Death Cab for Cutie producer Chris Walla) to express the chaotic thoughts—mostly having to do with the angst of relationships—shooting around their heads.

“I want to draw you a floorplan of my head and heart,” begins the song “Floorplan.”Buzzing guitars, plinking pianos, and skittish drum beats—both real and electronic—help to convey the hopes, fears and anxieties that come from trying to connect through love.

Though it all might sound a bit dark and heavy, the end result is ear-catching, melodic, and as deeply satisfying as a great therapy session.

Stitch it up The kind of song I know causes mother, sister, lover worry [Hook] I feel the knife going in I'm feeling anxious Not enough to kill me I thought it'd happen fast But I'm feeling it now And I feel anxious Sleeping inches from me I let it pass This song echoes the generally dark sentiment of the album—Sara Quin wrote “Knife Going In” about a bad dream she had after the death of her grandmother.

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