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But it is not the biggest butt, it also has huge tits as it is a big curves lady.

This is the sex doll with the biggest ass that we have right now.

I know there are girls that are in the industry and are able to hide their cam-girl/pornstar identity, but in reality it’s *really* hard to do that. Try get better with every video, stay friendly with your fans and always put out a positive vibe. We again began to communicate in 2014, when he divorced. So I spent a few hours with a butt plug, to prepare my ass hole.

The reality of the situation is that it’s very hard to hide this lifestyle from the people you love & if you can handle that, then go for it! Very quickly after that we began to live together, but maintained some freedom for both of us ;). A funny moment occurred during the first shooting of anal sex. We came up with this scenario: first, the guy fucks my pussy and then inserts the cock in my ass.

Mavis00, one of our customers that recently bought the 118 cm WM big boobs sex doll wanted to convert it into an ebony love doll and this is the result This massive butt and boobs body is perfect to combine with any skin color and head and to build your sexy ebony love doll. We can make any of our dolls in any skin color She sent us these amazing photos. This is the journal of my story having doll sex with my wife (the story has been updated several times as the threesome continues to experience new sexy moments) My name is G. and before I get into my story, I have to say that I consider my wife mentally to be an explorer sexually.

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