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A new update has been updated with a long list of fixes aimed at getting the game to run faster, as well as cleaning up a the connection problems some players are still having.The patch consists of a long list of technical updates, but the main highlights include performance improvements on dual core systems, and fixes for stuttering that some players were experiencing when loading new sections of a map.This one is for the hardcore fans as well as the amateur gamers alike.

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A full list of Black Ops 3 patch notes have been released by Treyarch, confirming changes to several multiplayer items.

This is probably in anticipation for the influx of players returning to the game, who will also be using normal multiplayer modes to earn some new Zombies loot.

There patch also cleans up a number of map glitches and usefully squashes a few exploits like a "fix for infinite supply drop exploit". The game should update itself automatically the next time you play.

The new Black Ops 3 update was confirmed by Treyarch earlier this week and includes more than just support for the Zombies Chronicles.

There's always quite a long period of time between the game getting sent off for certification and manufacturing and the actual launch date, so many gamers would rather the developers use that time to fix any problems through patches.

Black ops pc updating

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