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"However, we have acquired a sample to test when we get back to the UK, as it would be bad science not to investigate every claim." More encouraging are the witnesses.

A compelling chap called Papa Jinda had described a scene of devastation at a pumping station where, the blog gushes, "a ninki-nanka had destroyed several pipes".

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With OPSEU, you are in the driver’s seat – you and the other members of our 130,000-strong family.

I hope this will help you find your way around your union, understand how it works, and what your place is in it.

The YLS provides leadership, networking, professional development, and service opportunities for young lawyers.

The CLE Committee organizes seminars on topics of particular interest to new attorneys.

It continues: "The mention of a ninki-nanka had caused a panic among the workers, and they had asked for a mirror as it was thought that the only way to get rid of the animal was to show it its reflection.

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