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The ROC's government has been dedicated to Overseas Compatriot Education for many years and its measures have kept up with the time.

OCAC's work includes subsidizing overseas compatriot schools to promote Taiwan's excellent teaching brand and its diverse culture to achieve coherence within overseas expatriates, to cultivate the potential of the younger generation and to increase Taiwan's international participation.

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These overseas compatriot schools and their associations have become the best access to promote Taiwan's language learning industry, to display Taiwan's distinctive teaching methodologies, to propagate the diversity of Taiwanese culture, and eventually, to help win a place in the mainstream education market.

Based on the existing foundation and the global trend of language learning, the OCAC will continue to consolidate overseas compatriot school affairs as well as to train language and folk culture teachers.

In addition, we also provide digital Buddhist scriptures for users to download, and online teaching tools of Sanskrit, Tibetan, Pali and other languages.

(Update: 2015/10) Digital Archives Resource Center of NTU (DARC) is the portal to provide access to all digital resources created by the Digital Archive Project of National Taiwan University (NTU).

This database contains nearly 20,000 documents of “Tan-Hsin Archives,” 46,000 complete texts of “Ming-Qing Taiwanese Archives” and 40,000 pieces of “Taiwanese Old Deeds.” The “Tan-Hsin Archives” are the most completed collection of administrative and judicial documents from Hsin-chu Hsien, Tamsui Ting, and Taipei Fu dating from 1776 to 1895.

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