Dating body language explained mate1 dating site review

by  |  17-May-2020 18:30

'They will do things to draw attention to their face, this is women saying "hey look at how pretty I am".Body language is extremely powerful; 55% of our communication is non-verbal, 38% is from voice tone, and remarkably only 7% of communication is through the words we speak.

Guys, you can save yourself a lot of embarrassment regarding mixed signals and making an inappropriate move if you’re just a bit more aware of what her body is saying.

Here are 10 secret signs of attraction to help you out… When people try to control their body language, they mostly focus on their facial expressions, posture and hand and arm gestures.

When we like someone we will subconsciously start to mirror their behaviour, whether this is sitting in the same way or doing the same gestures.

Then you're probably not tuning in to her body language.

But are you reading her right, or just jumping to conclusions?

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