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The band had its debut concert performance at the Stone Pony, a club in New Jersey.

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There have been four television series under the Degrassi name. Stephen Stohn, her totally not actually gay hubbie, is the show runner. If you have a friend you want to get into Degrassi because you hate that person, send 'em over here to get caught up on all the madness. Simpson has his testicles removed when Spike ordered him too. Emma, Sean, Manny, JT and Toby, and Liberty attend 7th grade.

These are points which are usually not stated outright in the dialogue, but can be deduced through careful observation of what occurs on screen. He is a time traveler from the 24th century who was sent back in time to observe North American teenagers in the early 21st century. Emma (the activist) is the only daughter of Snake, a DJH/DH character who became pregnant in high school.

When Damian walked onto the scene, he was in hot demand. He joined the house of Paige, Ellie and Marco in season 7 as the exotic new roommate.

He was pretty irresistible as Paige and Marco both crushed on him hard.

One of the only good things he did was give Liberty and J. detention together, which helped bring their romantic relationship to life.

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