Dating a girl with no friends

by  |  31-Oct-2019 02:09

For when marriages fail, families feud, and colleagues conspire, surely it’s your girlfriends who pick you up again — or at least pour you a large glass of prosecco?

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Dating a girl with no friends greek american online dating

Often scarred by girl bullies at school, or lonely isolation in their teenage years, they’re either too scared to make female friends or believe having girlfriends is too risky to their emotional health.

Recently, the actress Claire Danes admitted she suffered from a ‘phobia’ of female friendships.

i wouldn't be put off by that in the slightest as i'm the same way, and i'm sure there's lots of other girl loners out there too. I tend to spend most of my time alone out of sheer fucking choice.

Ironically enough, I have always been the type that people flock to due to what they perceive is my true persona.

Because the rule, as perpetuated by Hollywood, the media, and each other, is that all women have a cabal of female friends with whom she shares every intimate detail of her life on a weekly basis.

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