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This was followed by regular MRI scans to monitor Chandler's progress every year.In 2013, Chandler was featured in CP for being among a new generation of pastors preaching and teaching orthodox biblical Christianity and traditional biblical views on family and morality.

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He’s basking in the sunshine of southern California, feeling the warmth that comes with ideal weather and being a wealthy, handsome young man. The defensively challenged Troy Daniels, the role-player deluxe James Ennis III, fellow Grizzlies fan scapegoat Andrew Harrison..all share the undeniable fact that they were better than max player Chandler Parsons in 2016-17.

He gets media attention for his social life and can go anywhere in the world whenever he wants. Because he’s rehabbing after surgery, and all the money and women in the world can’t buy two good knees. He’s quickly become one of the most disliked Grizzlies players in Memphis history.

Living the life of the wealthy NBA player on social media without being an actually good NBA player tends to piss people off. The fact that, after a massive jersey sale, it was mainly Parsons jerseys left hanging in the team store is evidence of that.

And that's not to say he’s supposed to be Zach Randolph or Tony Allen and become a folk hero.

When the time came to attempt to write a player grade for Chandler, I decided to take on the task with a different approach. Why waste 500 words rehashing the obvious disaster? Fans turned on him fast - the massive deal, the perceived lack of concern about the fact he wasn’t able to start the season healthy after a supposedly-less-serious knee surgery.

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