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You’ll find it on the right hand side of your Facebook page, in the collapsible chat bar.It’s smashing if you want to keep fully up-to-date with your friends’ activity, but there is a problem with it.Facebook has four teams who deal with abuse reports on the social network.

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The appalling enforced eavesdropping in the ticker (your friend said something to someone you’ve never heard of) is the result of the lax or non-existent settings of your friends, so here’s the deal.. You have “friends of friends” or “public” as the privacy setting for your posts. One of your Facebook friends comments on your post, or clicks “Like”. As well as all the people commenting on the thread seeing what has been posted (this much is normal), Facebook also tells all *their* friends what was said. Your friend’s settings *cannot* stop this from happening, *your* settings can protect your friends’ privacy, in this instance.

The ticker has just made it much easier to eavesdrop on what were probably intended to be more private conversations.

For years we've been sold on the idea that smartphones with great front-facing cameras would enable the ability to simply pick up your phone and call someone through video, but rarely does that experience go smoothly even between two people who are familiar with how the tech works.

This is where Google wants its new video service, Duo, to shine.

Video chat needs to escape its current social limitations, and Duo is the first attempt.

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