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I have been using my children and work as an excuse as to why I don't date. I want to get out there, but honestly, I don't know how. My children were a result of one relationship and two flings. Signed, Tired Of Making Excuses Dear Sis, It is never too late to find love.

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Rebuild and Restore It’s now time to restore your faith in love again. But know that could have been a blessing in disguise.

We encourage you to think positively and know that Mr.

I don't know how to meet new people so instead I converse with the old flings and reminisce. Some say my standards are too high, but I never even get approached. Anyone you date must be willing to accept you and your four children as a package deal.

I want to date but then I wonder if someone will accept me with having four children or will they just discredit me because of it? Your children are a part of your life but should not be used as an excuse for avoiding having a personal life.

Also use this time to identify things about yourself that you wish you could’ve done differently and use this time to sharpen your skills and make adjustments if needed going forward.

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