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by  |  16-May-2020 22:32

[1] I suspect the number is actually higher and has outpaced the census data.

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Here’s an interesting chart to see how long it took Americans to change their mind on this issue (the longest) versus a series of other social issues: Prohibition, Gay Marriage, Abortion, Women’s Suffrage, and recreational marijuana usage.

Interracial marriage took the longest for Americans to accept, it’s not close: It has become increasingly common in the past 30 years or so. Certainly on the coasts and in many cities it is very, very common.

Among blacks this number is 14%, Hispanics and Asians both at 9%.

[1]At this moment in history about 17% of relationships in America are so-called interracial relationships.

Now 21% of Asian men intermarry , while 36% of Asian women intermarry , which represents a 5% increase and a 1% decrease among the respective genders. We can talk all day about our personal experiences and stupid “field reports” for all the PUA’s out there, but at the end of the day all of this is subjective.

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