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Click for more info WW2 custom colt/Remington competition pistol. Click for more info This Colt 1911A1 was produced in 1943. Click for more info This military Colt was produced in 1943.

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The Shanghai Municipal Police issued the M1908 to its Chinese officers in the 1920s and 1930s and it was a popular model with police in the United States such as the New York City Police Department, Woonsocket RI, Chicopee Mas, Gloversville NY. In addition to lawful owners, many gangsters of the pre-World War II era favored the Model 1903 and Model 1908 because they were relatively small and easily concealed.

It is said that Al Capone kept one in his coat pocket and Bonnie Parker used one to break Clyde Barrow out of jail after smuggling it into the jail by taping it to her thigh.

The fore sight was of the fixed blade type and the rear sight consisted of a fixed groove. It was considered to be quite heavy and had a significant recoil. HI, UPON CLEANING OUT AN OLD CLOSET TODAY, THATS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING, CLEANOUT OLD HOUSES, I FOUND A WW2 COLT 45. I KNOW OF COURSE IF IT WAS SOMEBODY VERY FAMOUS IT WOULD BUT HOW ABOUT JUST A UNFAMOUS LT COLONIEL. paraphernalia with it, the value certainly goes up and you're better off offering the gun to a WW2 enthusiast rather than a normal gun collector.

THERE IS A # 69 ON THE TRIGGER GUARD DOES THAT MAKE IT RARE. To asses the value you probably need to find a reliable person who knows more, the Internet is bad resource in that sense.

Very nice Colt 1911 US Army issue manufactured in 1918. This is a 1917 manufactured pistol with correct component parts and retains 95% plus ... Built on the Colt 1911A1 frame and chambered in .38 Super. Beautiful blue finish is in very good condition with correc ...

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