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Based in Melbourne, Florida, the attorneys at the law office of Richard Canina have over 30 years of combined experience defending against serious sex crimes throughout the state of Florida.

Florida laws governing sex offenses on the internet are always changing.

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Are you under investigation or have you been arrested for an internet sex crime?

If so, your first step should be to immediately retain an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer.

The FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement are trying to figure out what is happening with the city finances.

Neither agency is investigating the roads, but rather, the city and its spending on other operations, such as a program involving homes for veterans. Basham said if there are questions about that program, perhaps there should be about road spending, too.

So I'd like to hear something besides, 'I ain't got no money,'" he told City Council members on Thursday night. We will fix your roads.'"Basham said he put the petition together after watching the original News 6 report last week when another southeast Palm Bay resident shared her pothole frustrations."I'm happy someone else is on my side.

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