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During the first week, the new wife must adhere to exactly the same rules and lifestyle of the wife she is replacing.

Each wife leaves a house manual which explains her role in the family and the duties she holds.

It usually takes a while for the families to adjust to this policy, meanwhile the wives disburse a sum of money to the family they have become involved with, to do what the wives see fit to spend it on.

At the end of the two weeks, the two couples all meet together for the first time, and the wives, along with their husbands, discuss how they felt about the two weeks.

Sunday morning we had to get going early as we had a long drive. So that meant we had to drive over this bridge that crosses the Sabine River and turn around and go over it again to reach the Isle of Capri Casino exit. We thought we might fit in the one on the end and still be able to extend the bedroom slide.

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