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His name is Ola and he seemed to be a very charming personality.He had that air of boldness and confidence around him, and his poise was breathtaking.The pictures (which we cannot publish here) shows her in different position opening her anatomy for a lover to snap away.“This woman is a manager in a very reputable financial institution in Nigeria...was rumored to be having an affair with two of her employees/colleague....

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So, the moment I got me my own pair of outstretched legs, a gruff voice, misplaced hair growth and the ability to scratch ones groin whilst thinking no one can see you but being terribly wrong, I sought out my own girlfriend and what I got was a Calabar girl – this is the story of my experience with one and why it didn’t quite work out for me.

– First reason why you shouldn’t date a Calabar girl? If you’ve had any experience with short people you’ll attest to this: they are always angry!

In conclusion, HIV prevalence among adults in Nigeria is relatively low (3.2%), yet Nigeria is an enormous country where HIV infection remains an issue that demands a systematic and highly tailored intervention.

Yemi Osinbajo has insisted that Nigeria cannot afford to disintegrate.

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