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While the direct answer is “yes, it can be configured”, the reality is that it might not actually really matter anyway for most configurations. The description for the HTTP connection doesn’t really hold true anymore as the HTTP connection can also be used internally.

In fact, over the past few Exchange versions, the trend was to move away from the direct RCP connections and towards HTTP connections, even internally.

How can I add a public folder calendar to the list of Other Calendars in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 so that I can see it side-by-side with my personal mailbox Calendar folder?

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If I have a day with little or no appointments, I always found it quite convenient to see upcoming appointments for the next days. Is there any way to change this and get that functionality back?

Sadly, no, the Calendar section of the To-Do Bar has indeed been “dumbed down” to that in Outlook 2013.

Actually, as of Exchange 2013, all Outlook connectivity is taking place via Outlook Anywhere. To get to the above dialog: Note: Once both options are enabled, the whole discussion about what is considered a fast and what is considered a slow connection becomes moot when it comes to the connection protocol.

However, regardless of this setting, connections considered “slow” can still change other Outlook behavior. When you use Outlook 2013, you can also look at the “Protocol” column.

You’ll find that clicking on the month will also still work there.

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