Recaptcha not validating

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Recaptcha not validating

The number of storeys is the number of distinct levels of living space above the basement, crawl space or slab foundation.

Some homes with above-ground basements appear very similar to 2-storey homes; typically the level containing the living room and kitchen is counted as the first storey.

To circumvent such filters, they would replace a word with look-alike characters.

Client side verification of re Captcha - the following worked for me : " Response(); " returns a null if re Captcha is not validated on client side, else is returns a value other than null. The Captcha has NOT been verified by JS, you need to submit the response, along with your site key and secret key, to Google's servers from your back end code in order to determine if the Captcha was successfully answered. This seems more logical than trying to handle it on the captcha callback.

Read the setup guide if you want to know which configuration options that are available when setting up the validation.

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