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Oxygen integrates the latest version of the Xerces-J XML parser to validate documents against XML Schemas.

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Validating schema c

To test that this XML conformed to the schema (contract) we agreed to, we created the following helper class: Finding out that the XML our REST client produces matches the contract is great, however when it fails it would save a lot of time if the test just showed WHY validation failed.

No problem, in our validation helper class we added a property to allow us to retrieve the validation error message in the event the test failed and output that as the failure message for the test: Xml Validator Test Helper xml Schema Validator = new Xml Validator Test Helper(); Xml Schema my Xml Schema = Xml Schema.

The Oxygen Validation Scenarios are very powerful and solve numerous important issues when working with XML markup and XML-related technologies.

Valijson is a header-only JSON Schema Validation library for C 11.

One pair of programmers was assigned the task of updating the web app and the other pair was assigned the task of writing the new REST service used by the web app.

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