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Update 10 Jul 07: The old site is no more, so you may see gaps where some of the old TVBspace pages used to be.If and when I have the time, you'll see bits of it re-emerging perhaps.

Lonely souls that they are, they briefly date other people before getting together. Henry continues field dating but is troubled by his receding hairline. is tested when he suffers from numerous problems such as his incomplete recovery from SARS, the closing of his clinic, the death of his mother, and most significantly, his frosty relationship with his young son Joe.

His romantic storyline has him sandwiched between the much-younger Betsy, his trainee in ER, and Sarah, a straightforward, no-nonsense doctor who specializes in bones. Though this relationship improves drastically with Sarah's help, M. is torn when Joe's mother Martha returns to fight for custody.

Both sides have valid points but neither is understanding that this has nothing to do with anyone other than Nic and Faye!

Let them handle the fallout, the well-wishes, and how to balance the admittedly messy situation with their families.

The confirmed Nicholas Tse–Faye Wong reunion train has left the station and is understandably gaining steam.

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