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Erika Linder & Tamra Natisin The model/actor/musician is keeping busy with all kinds of projects, and her girlfriend (Katy Perry‘s assistant) is so supportive. ) Annie Imhoff & Cindy Holland As Netflix’s Original Content VP on Development Plans, Cindy is one of the reasons Queen Latifah & Eboni Nichols Although Dana Owens never wants to discuss her private life with press, she lives otherwise quite openly with her partner, a dancer and choreographer who has worked with Mary J. Jenna Lyons & Courtney Crangi As President and executive creative director of the J.

Crew Group, Jenna is one of fashion’s most well-respected HBICs.

Dressed in an intricate yellow swimsuit, the Chicago film star looked every inch the Hollywood actress as she showed off her incredible curves.

She later pulled on a pair of khaki shorts over her swimsuit as the pair packed up their belongings and headed in for the evening.

Whether you are happily coupled or single and not sad about it, there’s still something to be said for the contagious happiness visible in these same-sex pairs.

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