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Philip Hunt and Matthew John Andrew left in November 1998 after which, Decima was managed by Alex Chappel and David C. On 21 August 1998, Decima sent a fax to the Tate informing them that they would be bringing a real cow to the Gallery to "show where food and sex connect with the world of art".It turned out to be the artists themselves as a Pantomime Cow.

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Decima have occupied various physical spaces since 1997 and have also staged a number of projects hosted by other venues, in London and around the world, including major London spaces such as the Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Whitechapel Gallery. West along with Alex Chappel formed a "media terrorist" group called a.r.t. "We use the media as a canvas for art", explained David C.

Decima have also staged many conceptual, event-based and media-based projects. West: The gallery was first occupied on 31 August 1997 by Guy Hilton, Philip Hunt, Alex Chappel and Matthew John Andrew.

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