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And then when Sutter was hired, the Kings had a good roster but were on the way to missing the playoffs and likely significant changes that summer. He absolutely had a shelf life, and he overstayed his welcome by a year, but I think people forget how bad things were going before he took over.Thanks, Darryl, for putting this team over the hump and giving us 3 years of greatness that those who witnessed it will never forget.

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(ballparkdigest) Think about it - 80,000 to 90,000 people watching a baseball game, if they sell all sections? That would be incredible if they could pull it off again.

Also, there's hopefully at least a few Spring Training games scheduled for play in China's baseball stadium, and a season-opening regular series game in Japan, likely at the Tokyo Dome. I think the main reason the NFL's (and to a lesser extent soccer and NASCAR) popularity has surged is that it hasn't shot itself in the foot like the other three "majors" have.

IMO the two biggest reasons the Kings have banners in the rafters.

The Kings had not drafted what would be considered a franchise player or superstar player since Blake in 1988 and on that weekend they grabbed 2 of them.

I was a job with The Florida Bar and may not reflect the opinion that a married couple but there.

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