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Introduced in the late 1930s, the Oyster bracelet is probably the most popular Rolex bracelet because of its durability.

Offering flat three‑piece links, this bracelet is less prone to stretching. Currently, this band appears on the entire range of Professional watches.

Vintage Clasp Samples Card Box Clasps aka Tab Insert Clasps aka Tongue and Groove Clasps Decorative box clasps can add so much to a necklace, especially if your hair is short or in an up-do.

Hattie Carnegie necklace, the clasp is a focal point Hattie Carnegie Miriam Haskell, the clasp is a focal point at the front of the necklace Miriam Haskell bracelet, the clasp is a huge focal point Hook clasps are often stamped with country of origin or designer's name Wide Hook Clasp on Silver Bracelet from Mexico Fold-Over Clasps snap shut for added security Spring Ring Clasps work with a tension mechanism is pulled back to open and released to close This Napier spring ring clasp has a bar running across the inside with the Napier hallmark stamped on it Spring ring clasp marked gold filled The patented Miriam Haskell clasp is a type of spring ring clasp Lobster Claw Clasps are variations of Spring Ring Clasps Smaller lobster claws, with round levers date to the 1970s and the larger ones with the flat levers are newer Toggle Clasps are simple designs; the bar fits into the ring and piece closes Sister Clasps work by threading both parts over a jump ring Pin Clasps aka Pin & Groove Clasps aka Slide Clasps Pin Clasps work with a bar that slides into grooves on both sides of the jewelry Barrel clasps are sometimes called Torpedo Clasps, they are barrel shaped when screwed close Found in ancient jewelry; rarely seen today Fish Hook Clasps or Box and Hook Clasps can be confusing.

Find out how much they’ve have changed, and remained the same over time, with this overview of a number of vintage and antique bracelet styles.

I would like to share some date and value tips on how to invest money in antique jewelry that I have picked up over the years as an antique dealer at Years after Year.

brooch features a trembler that gives movement to the pin. The diamond weight is substantial and the craftsmanship superb. Georgian refers to the English art and culture produced during this era.

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