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Back in 1997, De Generes had another lady on her arm.When she first came out, Ellen was dating fellow blonde actress Anne Heche.Ashley is a struggling artist whose girlfriend Lisa (Alicia Silverstone) is about to leave; Veronica is the wine-swilling wife of a wealthy businessman (Damian Young) who just landed a contract to collect debris in a burgeoning Middle East war.

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The difference between clowns and great comics is that clowns just want to get a laugh and they really don't care why you laugh or what you're laughing at, while great comics want to Farley was a great clown. Mohr doesn't really touch on Farley's demons or mention his death.

That's the portrait of him Jay Mohr paints in his book Gasping for Airtime. A somewhat sadder picture gets drawn in Live From New York. I don't think he became self-destructive to imitate his idol.

I think the impulse to self-destruct was something he thought he had in common with Belushi and he looked to Belushi for a key to how to handle his demons or at least enjoy the fight.

From what I've read, though, it seems to me that Belushi was trying to get on top of something. But I think he was taking whatever it was he was fighting head on and at full strength.

The couple dated until 2000 and reportedly had a tough breakup.

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