Amber portwood dating 3 guys

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She adds that it'll reflect her personal style and incorporate details from the '40s and '50s. Portwood says that she's following in her mom's fashionable endeavors.

The precocious tot is happiest when she's twinning with her mother.

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The series is produced in a documentary format, with an animation on notebook paper showing highlights during each episode preceding the commercial breaks.

16 and Pregnant has spawned three spin-off series: Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3.

The reality star took to Twitter to slam Simon's story, writing: ] Tags: alcohol, amber portwood, celebrity feuds, controversy, disgusting!

couple entertained a meeting with Vivid Entertainment's Steve Hirsch weeks ago, Portwood has confirmed that she and Baier have decided against producing the film for the company, who distributed Farrah Abraham's sex tape in 2013.

"There's no p*rn tape, guys," Portwood told her fans during a live Instagram chat, according to a report by on Monday "I'm not doing p*rn, it was just a meeting." During the chat, Portwood claimed that she and Baier were no longer involved in a relationship. Matt has some issues he needs to work on and then we can see what happens.

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