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The tracts on this site are all free and can be opened to view with Adobe Reader or downloaded to save onto your PC.You can also save them to a flash stick for out of house printing if you wish.

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Most believe that the first creation story in Genesis is actually a re-written version of a Babylonian creation myth, which was composed many centuries before Genesis was first written down.

They believe that the Theory of Evolution gives an accurate overall description of the development of species of life on Earth.

Conservatives have developed conflicting theories concerning the number of years in the past that creation happened; they range from 3615 BCE to the interval measured by scientists: 4.5 billion years.

They also differ in their estimate of the time interval taken for the creation sequence to be finished; these range from six 24-hour days to billions of years.

The case of the two Civil War pterodactyl photographs It’s possible for two similar photos to both be fake.

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