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(Together with women and children, that makes a couple of million, who could actually fill the distance between Egypt and Israel by standing in line.) One rabbi quoted to me the mystical tradition that one tribe was deputized to clean up every trace, which at least shows the Jewish tradition's unease with Sinai's preternaturally clean slate.

However, the archeological conclusions are not based primarily on the absence of Sinai evidence.

While people don't usually get worked up about archaeology, the debate about archaeology and the Bible is often passionate and vitriolic.

Biblical Archaeology is often divided into two camps: The "minimalists" tend to downplay the historical accuracy of the Bible, while the "maximalists," who are in the majority and are by and large not religious, tend to suggest that archaeological evidence supports the basic historicity of the Bible text.

While the excavation component is more of a mechanical skill, the interpretive component is very subjective.

Presented with the same artifact, two world-class archaeologists will often come to different conclusions -- particularly when ego, politics and religious beliefs enter the equation.

The pressure can be extreme, and your married friends look at you like you have leprosy. You cannot leave a marriage without doing violence to all those things, no matter how amicable the divorce. A great big bloody butcher knife that slices through even the most connected hearts. It's why all the mythology of divorce is what it is. When you walk out the door, which may well be the bravest moment of your life, you are suddenly at sea, not on a path. And just like life's death, you are not permitted to see beyond the threshold.

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