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According to The Daily Beast, the lawsuit says he: ‘Slapped [Jamila Majesty] several times and punched her in the ribs in addition to beating her with the group of women…

Complicating his efforts are his wildly overbearing, obese, gun-toting mother (Luenell); Anastacia's Chicano gang-leader brother (Wilmer Valderrama); and her prejudiced father (George Lopez), who doesn't want her dating blacks because "they talk to you with their mack-daddy lingo, holding their giant penises." PHOTOS 35 of 2014's Most Anticipated Movies Among the other characters on display are the school's pot-smoking principal (Mike Epps), who makes expletive-filled announcements over the loudspeaker system; a white teacher who admonishes her students, "Don't talk back to a pimp …

respect my gangsta"; and a prison inmate (Katt Williams) whose money problems fuel what little else there is of the plot.

Season two features guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, Mo'Nique, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphy, Samuel L.

Jackson, Mos Def, Marion Ross, Bill Duke, Ghostface Killah, Terry Crews, Kevin Michael Richardson, Busta Rhymes, Fat Man Scoop, Sway Calloway, Xzibit, Nate Dogg, Aisha Tyler, Tichina Arnold, Cedric the Entertainer, Lil Wayne, Cee-Lo Green, Fred Willard, Tavis Smiley, and Donald Faison. hits movie theaters and Robert, Riley, Huey and Jazmine sneak into the movie theater to see it--Huey has his reasons for not wanting to go to a movie with Granddad.

Seung Eun Kim and Dan Fausett served as directors, and series creator Aaron Mc Gruder, Rodney Barnes, Jason Van Veen, and Yamara Taylor served as writers for season two.

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