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Please note that you are responsible for getting your transcript authenticated. If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact your home exchange sponsor.

If you follow the easy steps to convalidate your transcripts early you will avoid many problems.

To seek a convalidation is to acknowledge that the civil marriage one is in is not valid in the eyes of the Church, and it is to ask the Church to permit one to perform a simple vow ceremony before a proper minister of the Church, and to ask for the Church’s blessing upon the union, so that the union you are living may be seen with validity (convalidly) by the Church as a marriage sacrament (presuming both parties are baptized).

Please keep in mind that just because the Church may not recognize a civil marriage as valid when it involves Catholics, this does not mean that the Church is declaring children conceived prior to a convalidation as illegitimate.

What is the difference between convalidating, revalidating and obtaining recognition in Chile for an overseas professional qualification or academic degree?


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