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Rumors started last week when Rose and Simmons were spotted eating together at Bossa Nova by TMZ after Slash‘s concert in Los Angeles. They were seen grinding on the dance floor at Playhouse at the birthday party for Rose’s manager Nick Cannon — who may or may not be separated from Mariah Carey — and were caught on-camera leaving together.

They did not speak to the paparazzi who were camped out by the car that whisked them away.

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George Strait and his wife Norma have been together for over four decades.

Read on for the facts on Norma and Strait’s marriage, the deep tragedy they’ve overcome together and their life as a couple.

” Ivanka gazes up placidly and drops a barely murmured “Thank you,” much as she would drop a linen towel into a washroom attendant’s basket. It is the verbal equivalent of the hologram starting to flicker and fade out.

However much her father’s campaign might frighten you—for the blunt-force racism and nativism of his electoral appeals, for his ghastly misogyny, for the escalating violence he has encouraged at his rallies, and for the terrifying strain of white-supremacist resentment he has activated in his constituents—the fact that Ivanka is beside him through it all makes it one degree more frightening.

Against every prevailing trend among the adult children of obscenely rich narcissists, Ivanka and her brothers Don and Eric seem to have emerged from the Trump family’s gold-plated crucible—and from their parents’ spectacular 1990 divorce—as thoughtful, level-headed, and hard-working people.

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