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BUILD and Steve Aoki team up to celebrate his new album, "Kolony," & his new Dim Mak Collection SS 18 "Paradise Found." It was a performance that won't be forgotten!

Award-winning journalist Mike Barnicle originally tweeted out that the 32-year-old had passed on Monday morning, but then retracted his tweet.

The former Boston College baseball star was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis on March 13, 2012 -- and was told at the time he had five years to live.

REUTERS/CJ Gunther/Pool BRISTOL, CT - APRIL 24: Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez holds her daughter's hand as she walks into O'Brien Funeral Home for Aaron Hernandez's funeral in Bristol, CT on Apr. Family and high-profile friends of Hernandez, the convicted killer and former New England Patriots star who hung himself in his prison cell last week, paid their final respects during a private funeral service in his hometown.

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