internet dating rapidshare - Signs of dating a narcissist

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– Feels grandiose and self-important for reasons not supported by reality.

Umm do unattractive guys with insufficient employment and horrible personalities who think they deserve to date supermodels sound familiar to you? – Obsessed with fantasies about unlimited success, fame, power or omnipotence.

While most of us have some narcissistic traits, we all try to get our own needs met and lots of people are selfish, the true narcissist is so damaged that they can’t see things from anyone else’s perspective but their own.

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You will feel irresistibly drawn to them - you might even think you've met your soulmate.

They'll shower you with compliments and might say they're in love with you very soon. When they say, “I love you” they mean that they love the way they feel when they see themselves through your admiring eyes.

“After I travel the world and write my book I’ll sell it to Hollywood, Johnny Depp will play me, then I’ll start my business and consult, giving speeches around the world for six figures…” etc etc etc. – Believes he/she is unique and special and can be understood by and associate with only other unique or high-status people. He is so unique and rare that no one can compete with him and you probably can’t even comprehend half of the amazing thoughts he has in his head.

– Requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation.

"While it can be normal to take some space from each other after an argument, a sudden, prolonged disappearance can be more unnatural and problematic than simply taking a breather," Limongello says.4. Narcissists will make themselves seem like victims even if they're the ones who have done something wrong, says Limongello.

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