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Not to hate your Matt pairing but I sort of think Matt should go with Mimi but I agree with you on Tai and Sora THEY shouldve been the ones to get married and have kids nit Matt and Sora it's ridiculous if you ask me Now didn't Mimi end up with that American that had Seadramon as his digimon?

I always thought that Matt would have given up and started going out with Jun, Davis' sister.

"I don't know it isn't easy with Sora." Tai stated. " I mean once they do it a few times than you dump them on the street." The guys laughed loudly, but no matter how loud they were Tai could still here Sora.

Finally she saw Tai and hugged him tighter than everyone else. It was a lot easier than I thought," Joe said while some guys laughed. *heh* It's all about the sex though right." Tai said. Tai took his hands out of his pockets and watched Sora run away. *Later at Sora's House* Tai walked to Sora's house and try to think of a better excuse than 'I was joking.' He really didn't mean all of those things he was just joking with the guys like all of them do.

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